XTREME Cleaners understands that sometimes life becomes overwhelming and things just get out of control. We have been helping families recover distressed properties for over 11 years. Often times in these situations, the accumulation of garbage, clothes, food and many other items render the property unsafe. Besides fire hazards, mildew and odors that must be removed, we tend to find rodent infestations that require trained professionals to safely remove and restore the property to livable conditions.

We have specially trained technicians who work with property owners to restore their properties by eliminating unnecessary clutter. We treat all clients with respect and work at a pace that is comfortable for our clients. Our technicians understand these types of situations and want to help each family get their property back. We will help sort, sift and compile the items utilizing a labeling system so nothing accidentally gets thrown away without the client’s permission. We help clients resell, recycle and donate many of the items. Our team will assist in organizing and developing system for future use by the property owner to help the situation from reoccurring.